The right saddle for each horses back shape Herisau (CH), March 2018 - Choosing a saddle that will give the rider and the horse the best situation for both of them to perform to the best of their abilities begins with finding the right shaped saddle tree to fit the horse.

Every horse has its particular back shape and the saddle has to mirror this shape exactly so that the rider can sit in balance and work in harmony with the horse. This is the strict line behind the 20 years old Amerigo brand, whose collections, designed by Peter Menet, feature different models of saddles, both dressage and jumping, all using different saddle trees for specific horse types. The key value of each saddle is based on the knowledge gleaned from over 30 years of measuring horses and riders using a precise analog system and horse/rider analysis that provides accurate record of the actual biomechanical situation and aims to promote the long term horses' health while respecting the riders' needs in all disciplines. The Amerigo measure system allows the creation of a saddle designed individually for horse and rider, and also offer complete solutions for athletes with a selection of horses by optimising the number and types of saddles required, enabling Amerigo to also track the development of the horse over time, and to adjust the saddle if needed to retain an optimal situation. 

Important names of the international equestrian scene have been relying on Amerigo to create this precision fitting and support them in their sport performances, like top rider Daniel Deusser who rides in Amerigo saddles nearly since a decade. The German rider has chosen Amerigo as his partner to have personalized solutions to cover the different needs of himself and of his different horses.  

Appreciated both top riders but also by amateurs, Amerigo products can be considered today a must-have in the equestrian world. Sold all over the world, they are well known for their technical values, as well as the high quality of its refined selected hides and the Italian customized manufacture.


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